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Thracians, Bulgarians, Slavs

On 28/02/2018 Андрей Киряков (Andrei Kriakov) gave a talk on “Thracians, Bulgarians, Slavs”.

Short biography:
Born in the romantic year 1975, in the city of Plovdiv.
Graduate the English Language School – Plovdiv, 1994.
Graduated Archaeology from Sofia University Kliment Ohridski, 2000. Specialization “Middle Ages”, master-archaeologist.
Author of the book “The Origin of the Ancient Bulgarians” Sofia 2006 And the book “The Last Days of Siddhartha Gautama” 2012
Author of various articles with scientific and popular content related to the history of Bulgaria. Host of the “Thracians, Bulgarians, Slavs” TV show on Plovdiv TV from April 2014 to April 2017.

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