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Sponsoring of festival “Plovdiv – ancient and eternal: history, ethnology, culture and art”

Rotary encourages conversations to foster understanding within and across cultures. We are therefore proud to announce that our club will sponsor the festival “Plovdiv – ancient and eternal: history, ethnology, culture and art”.

Over 200 participants will recreate the millennial history of one of the oldest living cities in the world – Pulpudeva / Philippopolis / Trimontium / Puldin / Filibe / Plovdiv, from 17 to 19 September 2021. It will take place in Lauta Park.

The event is one of the largest historical reconstructions with participants from all over the country and abroad. A cradle of civilizations and a place of battles, a crossroads with a rich cultural, historical and religious palette, a land unknown to its contemporaries. For centuries Plovdiv has been a centre for the development of crafts, military affairs and culture.

The festival brings together groups of historical reconstructions, archaeologists, historians, craftsmen, masters of ancient martial arts, artists, musicians, poets, and artists to reveal their historical heritage.

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