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You don’t necessarily need to be a Rotarian to be involved in service to the community through Rotary.

Volunteering work with Rotary changes lives

Whether you are volunteering by helping your local community set up a foodbank, or responding to local disasters, there is a project or activity to suit everyone. By volunteering with Rotary, you know that you will be changing people’s lives for the better.

Volunteering through Rotary is more than just giving back to the community. It is also about you bringing your skills, experience and enthusiasm for great community outcomes, whilst making some great friends along the way. Rotary clubs are friendly places where members, whether young professionals through to those who have retired, share a common interest in friendship while helping create a better community.

Share skills by volunteering with Rotary

Volunteering with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do. Your skills and experience are invaluable in our drive to help communities locally and around the world through our volunteer work. Whether you become a member of Rotary or volunteer your time and abilities to our club, you will help to make people’s lives better.

There are many ways to volunteer with Rotary:

  • You could join our Rotary club and open a world of opportunities.
  • You can donate to our Rotary club, or specific Rotary project, programme or initiative
  • You can volunteer to speak at our Rotary club about a cause or interest to raise their understanding
  • You can volunteer to help the Rotary club in one of its initiatives, without becoming a Rotary member.
  • You could join an Interact club – these are for secondary school aged students
  • You could join a Rotaract club – these are for young adults between the ages 18-30.

If Rotary sounds like the organisation for you, and you want to volunteer some of your spare time, we’d like to hear from you!

Some questions you may have … answered:

  • Do I have the skills needed?

You do not have to be a skilled business person or amazing entrepreneur to get involved. We all have useful skills and you can volunteer and help in many ways and probably learn some new skills along the way.

  • What if I am short on time?

Volunteering with Rotary is easy, fun and very flexible. How much time you give is completely up to you – just match this with what you volunteer to do. You become a part of a team and we will make sure you receive any needed training and are fully supported.

  • What are the benefits to me?

There is the chance to build personal skills like teamwork, confidence, leadership and other skills relevant to your personal and working life. You will become part of a project team that will be lead by a Rotarian but as defined by the scope and scale of the project the various aspects will be shared among the team.

  • What are the different options of volunteering?

You can volunteer in many ways from providing some additional help to a club that may need some specialist skills through to hands-on in a project. Whether you have website building skills you can use to help a club in their promotion, are a fundraising whiz, are a skills tradesperson or have some other skill or passion there will be a place for you.

  • How do I volunteer? What if I have some more questions?

Simply fill in the contact form that can be found below and we will contact you to see how we can help you with your volunteering.

We are thrilled that you would like to offer your help and assist us in achieving more. Please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.

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